Which phone companies are the best in Canada?

It’s no secret that the cellphone industry is a tough one to break into.

The industry employs thousands of people and is considered a major threat to the economy.

And while the numbers are impressive, they’re not as impressive as what you might expect from an industry that’s often accused of ripping off its customers.

But what about the best phone companies in Canada in terms of service?

That’s the challenge posed by The Globe and Mail’s 2017 Mobile Phone Price Survey, which ranked Canada’s major phone companies by their service and price.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 in each category.


Bell (BEL) 1.

Bell’s top tier of services include international calling, video calling and online calling, and are the most widely used for Canada.

But that doesn’t mean Bell is without competition in this space.

It also has a large mobile phone network that’s very popular in the United States and Europe.


Telus (TSX:TNU) 2.

Telus is Canada’s largest mobile phone provider and it also has the largest network in Canada.

It’s a major player in this industry, too, as it’s the only one in the country that offers free calling and text messaging to Canada’s biggest markets.


Rogers (TSE:RR) 3.

Rogers is Canada ‘s largest mobile network, which means it offers the most variety in its services.

It offers calls, texts, data and video calling in Canada, as well as its own voice and video services.


Telia (TSU:TEL) 4.

Telia is a regional telecom company in Quebec that has a strong presence in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Telias network is a mix of fixed and mobile, which makes it a good choice for people in remote locations.


Telstra (TSP:TSL) 5.

Telstra is the country’s second largest wireless carrier, and it has the second-largest network in the world.

Telesat’s network covers most of the world, including parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Bell Canada (TS) 6.

Bell is Canada s largest wireless network and has the third-largest in Canada .

Bell offers unlimited mobile phone calls, unlimited text messaging and other services, as a standalone service.

It even offers an over-the-top video calling option.


Rogers Mobile (TSN:RTL) 7.

Rogans network covers Canada, and offers over- the-top mobile video and voice services.


Bell Mobility (TS:B) 8.

Bell Mobility is Canadas largest wireless operator and it offers a wide range of services to Canadians, including video calling, international calls, video streaming, voice and text.


Rogers Canada (B) 9.

Rogs offers mobile video calling services, video voice calling and video streaming services.


Telcom (TSSE:T) 10.

Telcom is a Canadian wireless provider that is part of the Bell Group, a large telecom holding company that includes Rogers and Telus.

Telnet also has an over the-the, net video calling service that is available to the Rogers and Telsa customers.


TELUS Mobile (TDN:TLN) 11.

Tel’s network is mostly fixed, with some over-top voice calling services available.



Tcl is Canada s largest network, with most of its coverage in Canada and parts of Western Europe.

Tcl is also the only major network in this area that offers unlimited data and mobile voice.


Bell Mobile (BPL:BPL) 13.

Bell Mobile is a major network that offers video calling to Canadians and the United Kingdom, but it doesn’t offer a roaming or data plan for those countries.


Rogers Wireless (TSW:RT) 14.

Rogys network is primarily fixed, but offers a lot of over-mobile data, including international calling.


Telco (TSD:TL) 15.

Telco is Canada t second largest network and offers a number of services, including mobile video streaming and data.


Rogers Business Mobile (BCL:BSL) 16.

Roges offers video voice calls and video voice and data services, and has a roaming plan.


Telsat (TSL:TTL) 17.

Telsat is a network of smaller wireless carriers that offers a range of voice and mobile services.


Telos Bell (TSO:TBL) 18.

Telos Bell is a large Canadian telecom company that has strong regional presence in Quebec and Ontario.

Telcos also offer a number or services for customers in remote areas.


TDS (TSOE:TDS) 19.TDS is a telecommunications service provider, but TDS also offers international calling services.


Bell Global (B

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