When you buy a phone bill from your home, you’re paying a hefty fee that can add up fast


— As we’ve reported before, many states, including Missouri, are introducing new laws requiring consumers to pay for phone bills.

But that’s not always the case.

The most expensive bills in Missouri are typically the ones from wireless carriers.

They’re charged by your mobile phone provider, and they’re usually higher than those charged by most other types of carriers.

In fact, a Missouri Consumer Action Group report last month found that the most expensive wireless bill was the $9.79 one from T-Mobile.

For that, customers must pay $2 more per month for the first three months, then $1.59 per month thereafter.

That means a $100 bill can cost $1,600, or more than a $200 bill, according to the report.

In some states, such as Montana, a bill from Sprint is even more expensive, at $3.39 per month, or $4,200.

And even with a $20 bill from Tampax, a consumer can still pay $1 more per bill, which is $8,200 per year.

The average price of a wireless bill is up, but so are the rates.

In Missouri, the average bill is now $2.83, up from $2,600 in 2015, according the report, which was based on data from the Consumer Action group.

As of Dec. 31, the bill from AT&T was up to $2 per month in Missouri.

That’s up from an average of $1 per month when AT&amps first began charging for data and $0.30 per month after that.

The company also has been aggressively trying to get its subscribers to pay up for wireless data, but there’s little evidence that it’s succeeding.

The report found that for the last year, AT&amping had only increased its wireless data rates in states with no new law requiring carriers to give customers a refund.

For example, the report found, AT &s wireless data rate increased from $0 per month to $1 for the state of Indiana.

But it dropped to $0 for the next highest rate, $0 and $1 in North Dakota and South Dakota, the same states with a new law that requires carriers to refund customers.

The cost of the most recent bill from Verizon is also much higher than the average, at nearly $2 a month.

The cheapest bill for Missouri, however, is a bill by Sprint.

In a statement, Sprint said that the average price was only $0 in Missouri, with a bill for the other states that are considering similar bills being $0 each.

The bill from SBC Communications was the second most expensive bill in the country, at more than $3 per month.

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