What you need to know about the $70 bill bill, the Bellsouth phone law, and the $3,000 phone bill

Bellsoth is a small city in south-western Queensland that is just across the border from Australia.

It has been hit hard by the mining boom.

It’s not that many people know that the town has had a phone bill.

But it does.

It reads: “The Bellsoul City phone bill” was created by the Department of Primary Industries and Energy in May 2010.

The Bellsouls resident David Gomperts has been battling the bill for years.

“I have to pay $100 to a phone company in order to have the telephone company call,” he told Al Jazeera.

“The phone company then says, ‘We don’t have any data on this number’.” Gomplets is the only Bellsunsan who does pay for the phone bills.

The bills come in different formats.

One is the standard $20 bill that can be handed out in most public libraries.

“If I had a small phone, I would buy it because it costs me about $10 a month,” he said.

The Bellsdots phone bill contains an information sheet that gives information about who has been charged, how long the bill has been unpaid and what happens to the bill after it is paid. “

They can be quite expensive.”

The Bellsdots phone bill contains an information sheet that gives information about who has been charged, how long the bill has been unpaid and what happens to the bill after it is paid.

The amount of money a person has been billed for varies depending on the number they call and the number of days that the bill is unpaid.

The information sheet is meant to inform the person of what to do about the bill.

The bill also contains a link to the online telephone number that allows them to lodge a complaint with the phone company.

But that is not always the case.

Gompeys phone bill is not the only bill he has been receiving.

“In the last two years, my phone bill has doubled,” he explained.

“When I was a student I paid $150 a year for a phone and it was only $1.50 per month.”

But he is concerned that people will not take the time to lodge their complaints and get their money back.

“There is no way I will pay back that money,” he warned.

“People think, ‘I’ll just wait until I get out of prison and I can pay it back’.” The Bellsprings phone bill can cost about $5 per month.

But Gomberts has not had to pay more than $10 in recent years.

He is also concerned that if people pay by the phone, they will not be charged.

“You might be thinking, ‘What the hell, why bother?’

But there are so many other options,” he added.

The Queensland Government said that the Bellsprights phone bill was a result of a government-mandated requirement.

“We’ve been told to put a bill on the back of each bill to ensure that we can get back to the people who paid and we are doing that,” the Department said in a statement.

“A telephone company is required to provide information to the Department for the purpose of providing that information.

The person to whom the information is given must be a resident of the Bell Springs and have given consent to this information being shared with the Department.”

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