UK phone bill is a huge hit, says consumer survey

A survey has found that people are in a much better mood following the rollout of a phone bill, which means they are more likely to sign up to new services and services they have never used before.

The results of a survey of 9,000 adults by the independent consumer group Which?

found that 79 per cent of people said they were happy with the new bills introduced by the Government, with a further 22 per cent saying they were “very happy” with the changes.

In a separate survey, the firm’s consumer insights team found that 83 per cent said they had not yet received a bill from their phone provider.

The survey, which polled a sample of 7,000 UK households, is the first to ask people to compare how the bills they are signing up for compare with the costs of services they are using, and is designed to give consumers the chance to compare the bills’ price with the services they already have.

The findings suggest that the introduction of the new bill is having an impact on the way people use their phones.

Of the 9,002 people who responded to Which?

survey, 71 per cent were now using a mobile phone.

The average cost of using a phone over the past two years has increased from £39 to £74, with many people using a more expensive phone than they used to.

The new bills also have led to people switching to cheaper phone plans.

Of those who switched, 59 per cent are now using the same plan.

The majority of those who have switched have switched to a cheaper plan, with 77 per cent switching to a plan with a lower monthly price.

However, the average cost per month of a new plan is still higher than the cost of a similar plan from the previous year.

The figures show that the price of a mobile broadband package is still £19 a month, which is £15 lower than the price a customer would pay for the same service in 2017.


is urging people to use their phone bills to compare prices.

“We want to help people understand the impact of the changes, and to give them the confidence to switch to cheaper plans as the prices get higher,” said Sarah Jones, Which?

chief executive.

“It is very important that people understand they are getting a bill that is far lower than what they would pay today if they were using a cheaper service, and we are helping them do that.”

The survey found that the average monthly cost of accessing broadband is £14 more than the average bill for a standard plan.

This has been offset by a surge in customers switching to cheap plans, which has resulted in a £1 per month increase in monthly cost.

Which?, which has previously surveyed people on the cost and benefits of mobile phone plans, said that this was “the biggest jump” in the past five years.

“The impact of switching to new plans has been even greater than the changes to mobile phones,” said Jones.

“When switching, people were still paying the same prices they used five years ago.”


also found that there were some differences between the new plans and the old ones.

“There was no noticeable difference in price between the older and new plans.

However the prices have risen a bit, making the difference between them even greater,” Jones added.

Which?, said that it was encouraging that some people had changed their plans. “

If people switch from the new plan to the old plan and spend £1 more per month on their phone bill then that is a savings of £6, compared with a £20 reduction for the person switching to the older plan.”

Which?, said that it was encouraging that some people had changed their plans.

“But we know that many people do not change their plans, or switch plans at all.

We hope that this new survey helps people understand that the changes are having an effect and that they can switch to a more cost-effective plan if they feel the change is not making a difference,” Raff added.

The changes have not just affected consumers but also the businesses which use them, and which has been the case with some of the biggest players in the UK, including mobile phone giant BT.

“In many cases BT have changed plans as a result of the Government’s introduction of new phone bills, which have seen prices jump,” said Raff.

“So the cost difference between new and old plans has led to a significant amount of business closure and disruption in BT’s network.”

BT has already announced it will stop charging customers for their phone calls.

The company is currently using the savings to offer a free call back option for new customers, which BT said would give customers the chance “to see how they compare to the costs they already pay.”

Which?’ has been contacted for comment.

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