Payday 2’s $25 million Kickstarter is on track to meet its goal of $50 million within the first three months of launch

Payday is a 2D shooter with a story and a story line.

It’s about taking care of your family, and that’s about as simple as it gets. 

Its a game with an interesting backstory, a quirky plot and some very interesting mechanics, but its most impressive is the way that it keeps you hooked.

You start out with just a few bullets to shoot, but you eventually unlock weapons and items that will make your weapon and weapon system work better, and you can upgrade it as you go.

This makes the game feel like a lot of fun, even if its very linear and easy to get bored of, even with its many modes.

There are several game modes you can play, like a campaign mode that is designed to get you up to speed on the mechanics of the game and a cooperative mode that allows players to team up with other players to take on more challenging boss fights.

All of the modes are very different, so you can find one that’s perfect for you by playing a few hours, or try one with a friend or two.

Payday: The Heist has an incredible story that doesn’t shy away from its themes, but it also keeps things interesting.

I had the opportunity to play Payday The Heist a few times when I was able to buy a copy of the Xbox One game on December 2.

That was the day that the first Payday was released on Xbox Live Arcade, and it became the first Xbox game to ever be released on that platform.

That meant that Payday players could play the game for free for several weeks before it had a chance to hit the market, so I had to buy it before it hit the stores.

After the game was released, I was immediately hooked.

I spent hours playing the game, and the story and gameplay are both great.

It has a very unique story that is about a man named John Wayne who becomes a police officer, and he has to protect the city from the criminals that are trying to take over the city.

The story of Payday the Heist is a fascinating one, one that will have you playing through many of the characters and scenarios from the game as you try to figure out what happened to John Wayne.

The game starts off with a simple premise.

You’re John Wayne, and this is your first job.

You are a cop and you are assigned to a crime scene in the city of Las Vegas.

You have to go into the crime scene and investigate what happened and find out who is responsible for the deaths of your colleagues.

You must then work your way up the chain of command, as you work your skills to help out the other officers.

This sounds simple, but for the first few hours of the story, you are on the receiving end of a very simple scenario.

It doesn’t take long for you to get the hang of the controls, and when you’re done, you can go home and enjoy the rest of the narrative. 

The first thing that you will notice about Payday, is that you are playing as a male protagonist.

In fact, you have to choose to play as a female, because you can only play as the female character.

The first time you are given the choice, you choose the male option, and then you can choose between two playable female characters: Lara Croft and Veronica Lodge. 

Lara Croft, as the main protagonist of PayDay, is a character that we’ve seen before in other games.

She is an experienced cop who was hired to protect her family from the criminal groups that are wreaking havoc in the world. 

In PaydayThe Heist, you will get to choose from two different characters.

Lara Crofts first and foremost is a female cop that has spent her life chasing criminals.

Lara has a long history of pursuing criminals, and is a trained fighter.

She has a sniper rifle and a pistol, and she also has a sword that she can use to cut down criminals and other enemies.

She can also use her powers to break out of prison, and has a great arsenal of gadgets that can help her to protect herself and her family.

The main problem with Lara Crofty is that she has no special abilities.

You can’t use a gun that has a silencer, you cannot use a grappling hook, and there are no gadgets that give her an edge over other cops.

Lara is also a very young woman, and so she doesn’t have many skills that are unique to her, making her less than useful in combat. 

Veronica Lodge is the second character that you get to play.

Veronica Lodge is a woman who has been raised by a strict Catholic family.

She loves to cook and is able to do so at a very high level, which makes her a great candidate to become a police detective.

She also has skills that make her a perfect candidate for an officer that can protect her and her loved ones.

Veronica is also

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