Amazon’s bill is $10 per book

A book publisher’s bill for a book in Amazon’s online store is just $10.

If you are a UK citizen and don’t live in the UK, you might think it is a bargain.

But a UK-based website called UKBookSpy has just discovered that it is actually the price of a book on Amazon in the United Kingdom.

UKBookspy said it had already received more than 500 complaints about the price on the website, and is now looking to get more information from the UK Government.

The UK Government said it is aware of the problem and has contacted the publisher, though UKBookSPy said its requests for information have been met with vague responses.

The website also said it has asked the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport for a “fair and reasonable price for UK-only book sales”.

UKBookTech also said in a statement it has “asked the UK authorities to investigate the issue further and have requested the Department of Health to investigate this matter as well”.

In a statement on its website, the company said the price was “exactly” the same as the cost of the book in the U.K. It also said the “Amazon price for a single book is just £4.97 in the US, and £5.95 in the rest of the world”.

The company said it would “take the appropriate action” if it is confirmed that the price in the EU is cheaper.

UK BookSpy, the website for the UK’s publishing industry, said the prices were “grossly inflated”, adding that it had received “hundreds of complaints”.

“We are also concerned that some customers are paying more for books they can read on their Kindle devices,” it said.

“We do not want to see our prices put in the wrong hands.”

It said it was also considering whether to raise the price it charges for UK booksellers, which are based in the Netherlands and Belgium.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Al Jazeera that the UK BookTech prices are “a product of market pricing in the marketplace” and “do not reflect the costs of production or shipping for Amazon’s books.”

The spokesperson also said that it “supports the UK government’s efforts to reduce the cost and uncertainty of book buying in the country”.

The spokesperson said it “works with UK Bookspy to help them work out what is going on”.

The UK Book Tech website says its aim is “to help publishers find new markets for their books”, and it “provides guidance on how to find out more about UK prices, including the cost for UK customers.”

UKBooktech said it wants to see Amazon price books on UK-specific websites as “the best way to price books for customers in the countries they work and live in”.

The site also says it “is happy to assist in the enquiries of UK Government authorities regarding UK price comparisons and book pricing”.

UK Book Spy said in an email that it has received “over 1,200 complaints” about the UK-related prices it has linked to, with the majority of the complaints coming from UK customers.

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