When you’re a Comcast customer, you might pay for airtime

Comcast and Cox are the two largest cable providers in the United States, but some customers have been paying for air time on their bills.

That’s because the cable providers provide both wireless and wired broadband service, according to a recent study by consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge.

The study found that customers who pay for wireless service on their Comcast bills pay about the same as customers who don’t.

But some customers with wireless service are getting more than their fair share of the airtime they’re paying for.

When you pay for cable service, you pay a monthly fee.

That fee is usually called a modem charge.

If you subscribe to a wireless service, that modem charge is typically called a monthly data cap.

Both of those fees are typically based on the wireless provider’s price.

But there’s a catch: The modem charge varies by type of service.

If the cable company offers a bundle of broadband and wireless services, it’s possible to use the modem charge to add an additional $10 to the cost of the bundle.

But if you have a bundle that includes wireless and broadband service bundled together, the fee isn’t as high.

If you’re on a prepaid plan, you can save money on your wireless bill by buying an add-on service that will automatically add your bill to your account.

For example, if you pay $70 for a bundle called MyBroadbandPlus, the add-ons add $5 to the bill for each service you use.

However, if your service is limited to just one plan, the bill won’t add as much.

In some cases, if the bundled service isn’t included in the price, the modem will only add an extra $5 per month to the $70 fee you’d pay.

So if you’re paying $90 for a broadband plan and you only use one plan or bundle, you’ll only save $10 on the bill.

There’s no set cap on how much you can add to your bill.

So you can either pay less for a plan that has the minimum amount of service you need or add up to $10 more per month for the service you don’t need.

But this can add up fast if you subscribe for a lot of different services.

For instance, if Comcast charges you $120 a month for a data plan, but only charges you for 1GB of data, you could add another $60 to the total bill.

Public Knowledge has published a guide to saving money on wireless bills to make it easier for you to find out what your options are.

For more information, check out the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s tips and tricks section.

Public Domain / CC BY 2.0 The Next Google: How to Save Money on Your Cable TV and Phone Bills

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