Microsoft’s Cortana: What you need to know

Microsoft has just released its new Cortana personal assistant for Windows 10, a new service that is meant to be a “personal assistant that you can call and use anywhere.”

Cortana is part of a broader plan called Cortana Connect that is set to launch in the coming months, bringing Cortana to a variety of Microsoft devices, including Windows 10 PCs and phones.

Cortana will also be available on Apple’s iOS and Android devices, and Google’s Android apps, Microsoft said.

Cortana is meant for people to interact with using voice commands, or even text, and will be able to understand language in a way that Siri cannot.

Cortana has a “one-to-one” relationship with users and is designed to help them learn new commands.

Cortana can “learn” your preferences, such as what you like to listen to, which you can then share with your friends.

Cortana also has “voice” support for voice commands.

For example, you can say, “Hey Cortana, turn on my phone” or “Hey Siri, turn my phone off.”

Cortana can also “read” your texts and respond to your voice commands in a manner similar to Siri, but with more granular and personal knowledge about what you want it to do.

Cortana “reads” your text and responds to your command with “yes or no” The service will work with voice commands and gestures, but it won’t be able “read,” “read aloud” or even “read through” text, Cortana said.

It’s still too early to know what Cortana will be like on other Microsoft devices beyond the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, but Cortana Connect is designed for people who already use Siri and want to learn more about how to use it.

Cortana Connect has been designed with Microsoft in mind, and it’s the latest effort from Microsoft to get people to embrace a new way of using Microsoft services.

Microsoft has also begun rolling out Cortana in other languages, including Spanish and Arabic.

Cortana was initially announced in March 2017 as a “new personal assistant” for Windows users that will be available as a free download.

Microsoft said that it hoped to “enable the world to be able more directly with Cortana.”

Microsoft said it was working on a new Cortana service for iOS and Mac in the months ahead.

Cortana on iOS and macOS is “designed to help people learn new command types, learn about Cortana, and create their own custom commands for Cortana,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Cortana, the personal assistant Microsoft has been working on since 2013, was a big hit on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Insiders.

The company has said that Cortana is still under development, but its functionality is expected to improve over time.

Cortana launched on the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book devices in September 2017.

Cortana’s most notable feature was its ability to read out the names of contacts, and also the time of day and weather.

Cortana understands both phone and tablet names.

Cortana knows the weather, the time, the day and even the distance between you and the person you’re speaking to.

Cortana allows you to add contacts to your contacts list, and then send a text message or email to a contact that matches the information in your contacts.

Cortana lets you share the name of your new contact with your contacts so they can send you notifications when they’re nearby.

Cortana uses Siri to “read out” the names, time, location and location of contacts in the same way that you use voice commands or gesture control to talk to your phone.

Cortana supports voice commands like, “OK, Google Now, get directions,” and “OK Cortana, search Google Now for directions,” but it can also use Siri to read your text or “read it aloud.”

Cortana’s new Siri integration lets you use Cortana’s “read voice” commands to ask questions about the weather or location of a contact or the weather and/or weather forecasts for your area, such for driving directions or for the current time and date of the weather.

For Cortana to respond to you, Cortana must know what you’re asking.

Cortana won’t respond to questions from users who don’t have an account with Cortana, but Microsoft said the company was working to make that feature available in the future.

Cortana could also use voice recognition technology from Apple or Google to understand what you say when you speak.

Cortana works best on devices with hardware that supports hardware-based voice recognition.

Cortana requires a Windows 10 device to work, which is a requirement for the service.

Microsoft says that Cortana will only work on Windows devices that support hardware-powered voice recognition, which includes the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Studio, Surface Phone and Surface Pro X. Cortana only works on devices that have “Microsoft Assistant,” a feature that can recognize any name that can be typed in Cortana.

Cortana should also work on any Windows 10-based phone that can support hardware voice recognition and also supports the Cortana service, Microsoft added.

Cortana and Siri will work together on Windows PCs, but they will not work on other devices, such a Xbox One,

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