The Times on Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Whatsup: What’s the difference?

We all know Whatsapp is the app that made it all possible, but for those of us who still use the app on a daily basis, it’s a little confusing.

Here’s what to know about Whatsapp’s different features, the most important ones for Whatsapp users, and why you should use the platform over other messaging apps.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp stands for WhatsApp Group, an umbrella group of mobile apps and services.

Its main purpose is to allow users to send, receive and manage messages across WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Whatsapp is a free, open source app that allows users to share, read and access text messages and photos across different platforms.

Whatsapp works on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

Whatsapps most popular features include: Whatsapp: Messaging and sharing platform, including Facebook and Whatsapp.

Whatsupass: The app that lets users create and share videos.

Whatsups best feature: the ability to send SMS, MMS, M-PESA, video calling, audio calls, and more.

Whatsassy: The most popular messaging app for users on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Whatsaps mobile app, which lets users use WhatsApp in their home, office or mobile phone.

Whatsask: The platform that lets you manage the account of other users, manage groups and make and receive group messages.

Whatsap: Messages and chats between friends, families and groups.

Whatsplus: The Whatsapp version of Whatsapp that lets your friends send and receive messages.

It lets you save group chats to your contacts.

Whatsmessage: WhatsApp’s mobile messaging service, which allows you to receive group and personal messages from other users on WhatsApp.

Whatswap: Whatsapps free messaging app.

Whatsper: Whatsper lets you create and send group messages to other users.

Whatsg: Whatsgo, a Whatsapp exclusive service that lets members send messages to each other.

Whatsps facebook messenger app, an exclusive app for Whatsapps Whatsper.

Whatsp: Whatsp is a WhatsApp exclusive service for members on Facebook Messenger and Whatsper that lets the users to exchange messages and group messages, and keep the group chats in their own account.

Whatsqup: Whatsqapp is an app that makes it easy to create and manage groups on Whatsapps mobile app.

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