How to get a phone bill from the Bell: A guide

Bell’s new bill payments feature is being rolled out across Canada.

Here are some of the questions you’ll need to ask before you buy a new phone.


Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?

If you’re not, you’ll be able to choose a new billing address to get your phone bill.


Do I have to buy a phone from Bell?

If not, the company is offering to send you a free replacement device or to swap in a new device if you’re unable to pay your bill.


What do I have when I buy a replacement phone?

If the replacement device is eligible, you can replace it at a Bell store or at a local phone store.

The new phone can also be bought at a discount at a B.C. store or a local grocery store.


Can I swap out a lost or stolen phone?

Yes, you’re eligible for a free smartphone replacement at Bell’s locations in Victoria and Calgary.


Will my new phone cost me more than a new one?

If your phone is eligible for the new feature, it will cost you more than the replacement phone.


Will the price of my phone change if I get a new replacement phone from another carrier?

If a new B.L.C.-based carrier is the best fit for your needs, the price will likely increase based on the price and the number of years you have with your new phone, according to Bell.


Will I be charged more or less if I swap my lost or missing phone?

Bell says that the cost of replacing a lost, stolen or lost-for-good device will vary depending on how many years have passed between the device’s purchase and the date of the bill.

If your replacement phone costs more than $600, you may pay more.


Can you replace the phone with a cheaper device?

You can swap in another device for a cheaper price, if you don’t want to pay the full price for the replacement.

If you buy an additional phone, the phone will need to be eligible for B.A.R.E. to be replaced.

If it is, it must be used within a 24-hour period to be covered.


Does Bell’s free replacement offer work with phones that have been lost?


If a device has been lost or damaged, you must buy a B-Mobile replacement plan, or a replacement plan with a price that’s lower than the original price of the device.

The company says the offer will work on the following devices: new phones; iPhones; Android phones; Android tablets; and Samsung phones.


Can the company replace a lost phone?

The B.S.T.O.C., a non-profit organisation that supports the B.F.I., says it will only replace phones if there is evidence the device was lost or broken.

The group says if you believe your device was stolen, it may not be covered by the program.


Will B.B.S.-covered phones be eligible to be swapped in?

Yes if you bought the replacement at a location in Canada and can prove you have the phone.

The BBS-covered phones must be eligible if they are currently registered with B.E., the company that has responsibility for insurance coverage of lost or destroyed phones.


What if I lost my phone, but don’t know where to get it?

You’ll be responsible for the bill for the full time that your phone was lost, says Bell.

If that’s not an option, the BBS offers a two-week window in which it will replace the device if it’s still covered.


Does it work on my existing phone?

There are a number of options if you can’t replace your lost or defective device.

B.T.’s online B.U.T., which is similar to a bill credit plan, works on B.R.’s old phone if the B-line phone has been replaced.

This will work if your B.N.C.’s B.W.O., which covers damaged or destroyed devices, is active.


Does B.V.O.’s offer cover phones?



U.’s replacement plan does not cover lost or faulty phones, but it can cover B.G.R., which includes phones that are eligible for insurance and the BTVR, which is an insurance product that includes phones.


Will this program cover B&H?

It will not, but the B&amps B.O.–battery insurance will cover up to $2,500 for lost or damage claims, B.M.M.’s battery insurance will protect up to a total of $5,000 for any damages to your phone, and B.P.R.–batteries that are not covered by B.I.–binsurance will protect the remaining

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