Comed phone bill has $1,200 phone bill in New Jersey

NEWARK — The comedian and the phone bill he used to pay for his wife’s wedding were among the thousands of items on the comedian’s credit card.

The comedian’s card showed $1.5 million in purchases for his comedian friend’s wedding, the couple’s wedding and a birthday party, and $1 million for a $2,500 party he hosted.

He paid the bill on Oct. 24 and left it at the end of the month.

His wife, Kate, had to pay $1 and a half million in rent on her house and a condo in Manhattan after the bill was filed, and she paid another $600,000 in interest on a $5,000 loan from a mutual fund.

The comedian paid the mortgage on her home, $400,000 and paid the $1 in rent and the $500 balance on a mortgage for a condo.

He also paid for a friend’s birthday party that was supposed to have included a champagne toast and dinner, but the comedian had to cancel due to a business trip.

The comedian is the subject of a lawsuit from his wife and her attorney.

They said the bill came from the comedian paying her a $100,000 advance on the wedding gift and her $1-million bill for his friend’s party.

The couple also sued him and the credit card company that issued the credit.

The couple said in a statement the comedian paid off the bill and then spent $5 million on a new house and $10 million on another party, including a champagne reception.

“Kate and I have always felt that our marriage was built on a foundation of respect, and we are extremely proud of our friendship,” the statement said.

Kate’s attorney, Scott Schofield, said he and his client were “horrified” by the revelation.

In a statement, the credit company said the comedy credit card shows “more than $1 billion in purchases” and it did not know of any other charges related to the comedian.

The company said it was working with the couple to determine the extent of the credit issue and would “explore all options.”

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