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By Emma Bowerfield, BBC News and Science reporterFollow @EmmaBowerfield and @BBCNewsMagazine for more stories from around the world.

A new mobile bill pay service has been launched by the National Consumer Council, which is urging consumers to be more careful with their mobile phone bills.

The National Consumer Commission for Consumer Protection, which administers the ACCC, says that consumers are being asked to pay the equivalent of up to $9,000 in overdraft fees and bills for phones, laptops and other digital devices.

The service, called the National Consumers Bill Pay Phone, is a one-time payment of up at least $9k (£5,500) to the company that issues the bill, if the consumer pays it within 30 days of receiving it.

It is the first time the ACCCC has used the term bill pay, as a marketing term, to describe mobile phone billing.

It’s a relatively small amount to pay, but it’s a large amount to ask people to pay upfront and it could make them feel that they’ve been misled, says Ms Bowerfields reporting for BBC News.

Ms Bowerfords article includes a section on the National Broadband Network, the internet, the wireless carriers and the National Telecommunications Commission.

It says consumers are also being asked not to pay for their phone calls, text messages and calls over the internet with a monthly rate of $20.99, or to pay $1,000 for calls over mobile hotspot networks.

The ACCCC also wants people to be aware that it can be expensive to pay mobile phone charges.

The commission says a one hour call will cost $10 to $25, whereas a 15 minute call costs $40 to $60.

For example, if a call is made for a period of time and you don’t pay the $10.99 phone bill payment, you will owe $10 for each call made after you have paid the phone bill.

The commission says if a customer pays a phone bill for up to 30 days in a row, then the phone company will be liable for $6,400 in phone bill charges.

The new service also encourages consumers to get more information on their phone bill to make sure it’s accurate.

Ms O’Brien says consumers should be aware of how they’re spending their money, and that they can’t be held responsible for any mistake made on the part of their bank.

“You’re paying for things that are already covered, but they’re being charged at the end of the line,” she says.

“It’s very important to make your own phone calls and make sure that you understand what you’re paying.”

The National Consumer Bill Pay Office says people should pay their phone bills when they receive them.

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