Orange phone bill may be ‘not a good idea’

Orange phones are a growing source of concern in the UK, with the latest report suggesting that the number of devices being used to carry out “warrantless and unauthorised” home invasions and burglaries has reached its highest level in more than a decade.

The latest Home Affairs Select Committee report on Orange devices is based on data from April 2018, which showed that, on average, Orange phones were being used by more than 10,000 people each day in the home.

The report found that, in the month before the Orange devices were added to the UK market, Orange phone usage had risen from 7,000 in June 2018 to 9,000 by May 2019.

Orange devices were used in more of the UK than in any other country in the world.

The company said the increase in usage was “not sustainable”.

“The increase in Orange phone use is not sustainable, as a recent analysis from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills shows that Orange phones have seen a 70 per cent increase in sales since 2018, compared to their market share,” the company said in a statement.

“While Orange is growing at an extraordinary pace, we are seeing more and more people being caught up in their own personal data, and have been unable to protect themselves.”

The report added that Orange’s use of Orange phones is “unacceptable” and “not in the interest of the customer”.

“Orange’s strategy to expand its reach is creating more and better solutions for customers who want to protect their privacy,” the report said.

The Home Affairs Committee also found that Orange devices have been used by the government to track and track down people who have not been convicted of a crime, even though it had no evidence that they had done so.

The government’s decision to release its own data shows how it views privacy concerns, according to Home Affairs committee chairman Richard Harrington.

“We are seeing how this government is attempting to protect itself from these concerns,” he told the BBC.

“We’re finding that their data collection is so far removed from the actual law that there is no way for us to get a sense of whether there has been a crime or not.”

Mr Harrington said the Government should consider introducing legislation to create a national body to investigate the practice of using Orange phones to track people and their whereabouts.

“This is a very important area of concern and it is not the time for the Government to act alone,” he said.

“If they want to come up with a national privacy and data protection watchdog, I think it is very sensible for the government and the regulator to be able to co-operate.”

The Home Office said it is currently working with the Home Affairs select committee to review the Orange bill, and said it will be sharing its views on the issue with industry and other stakeholders.

“It is clear that there are significant concerns from the public and businesses about the impact of Orange’s data collection practices,” a spokesperson said.

“As a result, the Government is taking the necessary steps to ensure that it is properly managing and protecting customers’ privacy and we are looking to the industry to help us with this process.”

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