How to stop cramming phone bills

You can’t buy a phone without a monthly contract and if you have to pay for a phone service, you’ll be paying for the privilege of it.

That’s where the $5,000 bill comes in.

We’ve all been there.

A few months ago, when we received a bill for $1,000 from a Verizon technician, we assumed it was just a normal monthly bill, until we realized it wasn’t.

The bill was for the $1 million Verizon billed for the phone it sold.

When we went to see the Verizon rep, he told us it was the new monthly service we had signed up for.

The rep, when I asked him why, gave me a sad smile and said, “The $5K bill.”

When we talked to the rep, we learned that it’s a $5 million contract, and Verizon has a $50,000 cap on what customers can make per month.

And that’s what the bill is for.

Verizon, of course, didn’t respond to our request for comment, but the fact that the $10,000 phone we signed up to buy had an extra $5k in monthly fees doesn’t mean Verizon was actually charging us a $10k monthly contract.

That extra $1k in fee was actually a $2,000 fee that Verizon was charging to the customer’s phone provider.

That $2k was a monthly fee that we paid for the service that we purchased.

It’s hard to believe Verizon is charging $2 million a month for a service we bought, but we didn’t think about that until we started asking questions.

We’re a Verizon customer.

I know this because I asked a representative of Verizon, who explained that Verizon had a $1.5 million fee that it was charging for a different service called “MTA” which was a “new service” that was supposed to be coming out in February.

We weren’t aware that this new service was a $100,000 monthly fee, and we were very confused about why Verizon was billing us $10K more for a $3.9 billion service.

So when I went to Verizon and asked about the $2.9 million fee, I was told that it wasn

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